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Our Services

Elementary School Student

Up to Year 6

Engaging and fun learning development sessions designed to improve cognitive skills, self-expression and executive functioning skills.

Teen study group

Years 7 - 10

Educational programs built around personal mentoring, helping students to learn effectively, build their executive functioning skills and develop their confidence.

Classroom Lecture

Years 11 - 12

Subject specific academic tutoring and mentoring to support students through the challenges of VCE.

For All Year Levels

We offer online and in-person sessions both one-on-one or group

How it works


We will call you to:

  • understand your child’s specific needs 

  • get to know you and your child

  • understand where they’re at, where they want to go and how we can help get them there


Mentor Meeting

  • Free 30 minute consultation with a Conduit Mentor 

  • Mentor meets with you and your child to ensure compatibility


Good to Go!

  • Mentor is confirmed 

  • First Lesson Scheduled!

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