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Thrive At School


Conduit Education
Academic Mentoring

So much more 
        than just tutoring.



A better academic path for your child


As both parents and mentors we know you want the best for your child.


We’ve learnt that true excellence doesn’t involve short-term solutions. A skills based, whole-child approach is what develops resilient, adaptable and confident students.


At Conduit we help our students thrive at school and beyond.

Developing essential skills

Does your child feel out-of-control and anxious?

With Conduit Education your child will feel empowered and confident in themselves and will be able to identify, process, and manage strong emotions.


Does your child feel trapped by their perfectionism and cannot ask for help?

With Conduit Education your child will be able to identify when they need to reach out for support.


Does your child feel disorganised, all over the place and unable to keep track of their studies? 

With Conduit Education your child will be able to prioritise their work and organise their work with effective time management.


Does your child express a lack of motivation - “......why bother, I can’t do it anyway....”? 

With Conduit Education your child will develop the confidence and resilience allowing them to deal with whatever comes their way.

We work with parents like you to make it happen.

The Conduit Approach

Building a relationship

Our Mentors and us work to build strong relationships with you, your child and those who support them through their education.

Educating the Whole Child

We focus on addressing your child’s emotional, mental, cognitive and social needs, not just their academic needs.

Skills development

We help your child develop the skills they need to master learning and excel not just at school…but life. 


Our goal is to help your child develop Mastery and independence. We achieve this by progressively “removing the training wheels”.

Supporting Executive Function

We help develop their Brain’s “Air Traffic Controller System”, this involves better controlling inhibitions, developing their mental flexibility and Working Memory.

Facilitating Excellence

Our student's success is our success. We aim for long-lasting and long-term success. That doesn't come overnight. Skills and relationships take time to develop.

We trust the process...

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We support neurodiversity!


Here's the proof that it works...

Give your child the confidence of mastery. Get started now.

Angelica T

Online learning was challenging for many students, and Angelica disengaged from school during this time.  She was overwhelmed because things didn’t make sense...

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