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Jhon realised his passion for teaching and Coaching students early in life. He started by teaching his schoolmates and has been teaching students Maths and Physics for over 20 years.

Jhon's Story

Before moving to Australia in 2018, Jhon completed his Bachelor’s and Masters in Physics. During that time setup a Tutors Network that brought together like minded people who helped people of all ages. He was also the head of Physics at a prestigious school in Colombia and helped set up student clubs dedicated to the sciences and even chess! He is currently pursuing a PhD in Physics.


Jhon focuses on helping empower students with the skills they need to learn. He helps students understand why they’re learning a topic and breaks topics down to help students better connect the dots. He focuses on creating a positive learning environment built on mutual respect and fostering curiosity.


If you’re looking for a patient mentor to help you child learn how to learn and focus on Maths and Physics. Jhon would love to help.

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