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The problems that came with having a lot of health issues from birth made Suhel a prime target for bullying. He had no real friends, no real direction,and did so poorly in school that he repeated Year 9.

Moving to Australia just before starting Year 11 was the first turning point of his life. He finally found the support he needed at school and excelled. He studied Neuroscience at Melbourne Uni and Biomedical Imaging at Monash Uni. During his studies he tutored students privately and taught at University. He loved what he did, but found something was missing.

He found, the focus is generally on academics and results, nobody really looked at the student as a whole. He learnt that excelling in academics would be a natural result of a student’s emotional, psychological and other basic needs being met. Meeting the student at their level, forming a genuine connection and truly understanding what his students need is the key to his success.

He wanted to provide the support he received from his teachers and Mentors in his life. The knowledge and experience the Mentoring model brought to his life is something he wanted to bring to his students' lives.

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