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Finn B

Finn is a person who didn’t fit the mould, someone who wanted to forge their own path. They decided homeschooling was better for them, their mental age and managing their ADHD. 


When we met them, their parents were looking for someone to support Finn through their academic journey. We have supported them in developing their Maths, Science and Humanities knowledge and skills.

Our approach for Finn

Our approach focuses on developing the whole child and the skills they need to flourish in school and beyond. Through working with them, we understood what areas we need to develop to help them achieve their dream of being an architect. They went from disliking writing essays and writing in general to slowly writing a paragraph, then a few paragraphs and then after a while...a whole essay! We focused on the structure and developed systems to help them understand the logic, meaning and ideas we’re trying to convey through an essay. Once they understood this, essays came a lot more naturally to them. We’ve written essays on amazing topics, from the Mar's rovers to why Humans are the most invasive species to roam the planet. We were really able to help them express who they are through written words.


When we first met, Finn found it hard to express themself or to communicate their thoughts in the way they wanted; when asked a question their brain just stopped, though they knew the answer, being put on the spot threw a spanner in the works. We worked through this slowly, and, helped give themself the mental space they needed to be able to put their thoughts into words. They developed their ability to communicate and now when asked a question, they take a few moments to process and formulate a response and are no longer tongue tied.


The mentor-mentee relationship that developed between our mentors and Finn was crucial to helping us understand who they are, what their needs are, how best to connect with them and how best we could support them. We look forward to continuing mentoring them through their pursuit of being an architect.

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